Pano Direct

2015. 5. 13. 08:14 | 비공개작업실

Pano System Appliance

The Pano System Appliance is a required component - select the platform below based on the hypervisor you're using.

Please Note: Thinspace have released a new version of the Pano Appliance for Hyper-V 2012 environments and the new Pano Connector for Microsoft SCVMM (SCVMM Connector) & Hyper-V provides an interface for Pano Controller to communicate with Hyper-V and SCVMM 2012. In order to use the new Pano Connector you require valid maintenance for your Pano environment. The Pano connector requires a license to function which can be requested by emailing

Pano Direct

Pano Direct Service (PDS) is a required component of the Pano System which must be installed in any desktop virtual machine (DVM) used with Pano Zero/Virtual Clients or Pano Remote.

Pano Virtual Client

Pano Virtual Client 6.1 is an optional software client that lets you repurpose PCs and laptops to act as Pano System for VDI endpoints on your LAN.

Pano Remote / Gateway

Pano Remote is an optional USB accessory that allows Pano System users to access their Pano desktop virtual machine when they are not in front of a Pano Zero/Virtual Client. When connecting from external networks like the Internet, Pano Gateway provides an optional security gateway for Pano Remote. Note: Pano Remote executable will operate only on USB keys branded as Pano Remote, and not on standard USB keys.